Delivering you sustainable sourcing value from emerging and developed markets

PAC Districentre had been providing quality export management services to the global community. We pay careful attention to the special requirements of each customer, while at the same time respecting the unique production models of our suppliers, from managing international sales and marketing, to providing export logistic services both at origin and destination handling to the end customer.

PAC Districentre's network within various industries is truly phenomenal and unmatched. This knowledge and network translates into genuine ability to deliver results. We facilitate trade transactions of commodities as

  • Petroleum and Derived Products
  • Base Metals
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Technology & Hi-Tech
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and FMCG
  • And more

Working directly with Principal Buyers and Sellers of bulk physical commodities, performing business development, due diligence and deal-making activities between well-established international suppliers, end buyers & global trading houses.

We provide full service for our customers with purchasing and delivering any type of goods from Asia, Middle East, USA, Europe and Africa. We will help you find the right trade partner for you and avoid costly mistakes.


PAC Districentre management team consists of seasoned professionals and executives with over 20 years of experience in the product development and manufacturing industries. Our experience spans holding executive positions at Fortune 500 companies from launching and running start-up companies.


The dynamic nature of today’s global business environment demands flexibility for effective and successful commerce. PAC Districente ' team of special international commercial service experts is ready to develop specifically tailored services to meet your business objectives.

For unique and specialist business needs, please contact one of our professionals.