Warehousing & Distribution

PAC Districentre's warehousing, distribution and transportation logistics solutions help companies gain a competitive advantage by...

  • enhancing productivity
  • reducing costs in the supply chain
  • improving customer satisfaction
  • delivering product to the market faster
  • Zero GST Warehouses

.....while freeing up company resources to focus on their core strengths of R&D, manufacturing, marketing and selling. PAC Districentre specializes in the integration of all functions across the supply chain, from sourcing of raw materials, through product manufacturing to the distribution of finished goods. PAC Districentre’s unique expertise and focused warehousing and distribution capabilities deliver significant value across our client’s supply chains, no matter how complex or specialized their requirements. We go way beyond traditional warehousing by offering value-added services, including order assembly and fulfilment, Vendor Managed Inventory, Returns Management, Oil & Gas hub operations and all value added operations.

PAC Districentre has earned a respected reputation in our market over the last 6 years handling ship spares logistics for many Medium & Large Ship Owners and Management companies.

Adding to our 60,000 Sq. Ft storage capacity, we are perfectly positioned to maintain stocks of ship spares parts for our customers and this service means that they can respond quickly to – sometimes urgent – requirements for delivery to vessels calling Ports.

Storage and Inventory Management:

These services range from inventory management at item or product level supported by IT and linked EDI capabilities through to long-term bulk storage with daily, weekly or monthly replenishment.

Emergency Parts

For a number of Ship Management Companies, PAC Districentreholds a minimum inventory stock level for emergency purposes. We provide systems visibility as well as 24/7 service support as well as expedited transport services to ensure that products arrive on time every time.

Pick and Pack

Where multiple SKU’s are stored and shipped to multiple vendors, PAC Districentre can provide a comprehensive solution to Pick and Pack requirements within its warehouse management systems. This can also include single items that are received being over-packed into larger multiple consignments for dispatch purposes.

Value Added Services

Whilst the main warehouse management systems and activities are described above, PAC Districentre works consistently to extend the range of services it performs and offers to its customers. Some of these additional services include Re labeling and boxing, Pallet build and breakdown, Merge in transit and Sorting – Onward distributions to various vessels.